Lapels Dry Cleaning Expands Clothing Restoration Services

by Marie Rodriguez

June 12, 2019, HANOVER, MA – Lapels Dry Cleaning, a progressive, environmentally pleasant dry cleaning organization centered in Hanover, Massachusetts, elevated its recuperation garb services branch to higher serve disaster restoration specialists, coverage companies, police, fireplace, and other corporations who get better clothing from fires, floods, and other failures. Many more giant healing corporations have accelerated their services

Lapels Dry Cleaning Expands Clothing Restoration Services 3

with clothes to encompass ozone room treatment and garage household clothes. They are now in need of outsourcing the dry cleaning or moist cleansing of these clothes. With our sustainable and hypoallergenic cleaning manner and vegetation across the usa, we’re a trusted associate for these services,” stated Kevin Dubois, CEO of Lapels Dry Cleaning. “Insurance groups and catastrophe recovery experts have found this a valuable service because rather than paying substitute fees for an entire dresser, clothes may be restored reasonably cheaply.

Things like fires, floods, and other events can devastate a family. In a few cases, valuable, irreplaceable gadgets are damaged. While clothes are indeed replaceable, they can offer a touch of comfort to household participants if utilizing the recuperation offerings that we will salvage some familiar gadgets during a time of duress,” said Dubois. Lapels has pioneered its green dry cleaning experience over the last two years. That effort includes a partnership agreement with GreenEarth®, the area’s best 100 percent environmentally non-poisonous cleansing alternative. Using these sorts of solutions and the contemporary era in equipment, Lapels is one of the few dry cleaners able to boast that there’s no hazardous waste in their process.

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