Recipes for one man or woman

by Marie Rodriguez

There’s no point in cooking a steak for your very own except it is of proper size. Making certain the interior of the steak is at room temperature is as critical as ensuring the meat is properly rested after cooking.

I maintain that all steak takes an identical time to prepare dinner. A thick steak will want four minutes in the pan for a juicy rare, and 6 mins of relaxation; 6 mins inside the pan and four minutes rest for medium, and 10 mins inside the pan and no rest for nicely executed. Try it.

I don’t regularly make béarnaise sauce at home: pan juices, wine, and butter, flavored with pepper or shallots, are all this is required.

Rump steak 1, reduce from the attention of the rump and weighing 300g, at least 3cm thick
garlic 1 clove, sliced in half
black peppercorns 2 tbsp, lightly overwhelmed
olive oil 2 tbsp
potatoes 3-four huge and long, maincrop variety
sunflower oil 1 liter
unsalted butter 40g
white wine (or pink if that is what you have got) 1 glass
watercress a large bunch

Rub the steak with the reduce facet of the garlic clove and press the crushed peppercorns on to at least one aspect of the steak. Coat with the olive oil and go away for approximately hours to attain room temperature.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into thick chips as a minimum 1cm extensive and 8-10cm long. Rinse very well in bloodless water, then vicinity them inside the top part of a steamer. Cook gently for 15 mins or till they’re simply cooked via. Allow cooling.

Heat the oil in a huge and deep sauté pan till a warmness haze seems – it ought to now not be smoking. Drop the chips into the pan and ensure they may be all floating free within the oil. Let the oil come again to excellent frying temperature (ie, you may see the chips sizzling within the pan). Keep an eye at the chips even as you cook the steak.

Get a small, heavy frying pan on the warmth. When very hot, upload half the butter. Place the peppered side of the steak into the butter and season the uncovered aspect with salt. Let the steak shade well for two minutes before turning. Season the browned, peppered facet of the steak with salt and cook dinner for a further minute. Remove to a warm plate.

While the steak rests, pour the wine into the frying pan and scrape up the juices and the peppery residue. Allow reducing.

Once the chips are golden brown, drain (saving the oil) and salt them, and hold them warm in a mild oven. Once the juice in the pan has reduced to a syrupy glaze, add any bloody juices from the steak. Whisk within the last butter, then bathe the steak in short within the pan. Put the steak, its sauce, and the chips on a warm plate, and add the watercress. Eat with a very good steak knife and as correct a pink wine as you may lay your fingers on.
Rowley Leigh is a chef and author of A Long and Messy Business (Unbound, £25)

Signe Johansen’s carrot, pomegranate and chickpea salad with a spiced citrus dressing
One of the motives I constantly have a tin of chickpeas inside the cupboard is so I can make this dish. You can also use dried chickpeas – simply observe the cooking commands at the packet and fold them into the salad as soon as cooked and drained.

Carrot 1 massive, washed (or peeled in case you pick) and more or less grated
pomegranate 1 small, shucked
chickpeas 1 x 400g tin, tired and rinsed
toasted flaked almonds a small handful
banana shallot 1 (or 2 if they may be smaller shallots), peeled, finely chopped and positioned in a bowl of iced water for a couple of minutes
flat-leaf parsley or coriander 1 bunch, leaves finely chopped

For the spiced citrus dressing
unwaxed lemon grated zest and juice of 1 small
floor cinnamon ½ tsp
floor cumin ½ tsp
olive or argan oil 4-five tbsp
salt and black pepper

Place the grated carrot, pomegranate seeds, chickpeas, almonds, shallots (tired of the iced water) and parsley or coriander in a medium bowl.

Whisk the dressing ingredients in a small bowl, season with salt and pepper, and flavor. If the dressing is too sharp, upload a bit sugar or honey to flavor.

Dress the salad and chill it inside the fridge for 1 hour or longer. This makes a brilliant lunch or light supper and can be saved for a day or so that you can be upcycled into a packed lunch. Add grilled bird, feta, labneh, mozzarella or queso fresco (or tahini and extra nuts if you would really like to keep it vegan).
From Solo: The Joy of Cooking for One by using Signe Johansen (Bluebird, £sixteen.Ninety nine)

Remove the hen from the refrigerator for approximately 1 hour before you prepare dinner. Combine the butter, garlic, marjoram and plenty of salt and pepper. Pull the legs far away from the frame and raise the wings out from below the bird – this enables warm air to circulate around the bird. Place the fowl in a definitely sized roasting tin. Lift the pores and skin from the breast with the aid of cautiously edging your hands among the skin and the meat. Try no longer to rip the pores and skin.

Spoon -thirds of the herby butter below the pores and skin, massaging it towards the thighs and wings. Rub the closing butter over the top. Season all over with salt and pepper, and trickle over the oil.

Heat the oven to 200C/gasoline mark 6. Roast the fowl for 20 minutes, then dispose of and upload the water, white wine or cider to the bottom of the tin. Cook, basting once or twice, for a similarly hour. Check the bird is cooked by means of pulling at a leg; it ought to need to come away without a whole lot attempt. If it isn’t cooked, return it to the oven for 10-15 mins. Lift the chicken on to a serving platter and permit it to relaxation for 15 minutes earlier than serving.

To make a gravy, spoon off the extra fat from the roasting tin, then set it over a low warmness. Sprinkle inside the flour and stir well, cooking over a gentle heat for 1 minute. Add the stock and produce to a simmer. Season with salt and pepper, and tweak the balance with 1 or 2 teaspoons of redcurrant or another fruit jelly, and a sprint of cider vinegar.

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