Frank Holmes Reveals Why Gold Will “Just Explode…within the Blink of an Eye”

by Marie Rodriguez

Mike Gleason: I am privileged to welcome Frank Holmes, CEO and leader funding officer at US Global Investors. Mr. Holmes has acquired various honors over the years, being named America’s Best Fund Manager via the Mining Journal. He is likewise the co-creator of the ebook The Gold Watcher: Demystifying Gold Investing and is an ordinary visitor on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and also proper right here at the Money Metals Podcast.

Frank, welcome back, and thanks for joining us again.

Frank Holmes Reveals Why Gold Will “Just Explode…within the Blink of an Eye” 3

Frank Holmes: It’s exquisite to be lower back in a day that the market is up, and it’s all true for us.

Mike Gleason: Yeah, exactly. We’ll get into that. Well, Frank, we cognizance plenty of federal debt around here. Of path, the numbers there command a variety of attention. The countrywide debt is $22 trillion and has grown exponentially, as we both know, specifically during the last two decades. But you wrote about something recently to your Frank Talk weblog that probably isn’t getting sufficient interest. Corporate debt is likewise an extreme hassle. Can you talk about corporate debt and why metals buyers may want to preserve a watch on that properly?

Frank Holmes: To feature to that, what becomes interesting that got here up this morning is that the range of small-cap Russell 2000 shares have almost a document of deteriorating profits in coins waft. It is the highest percentage of B-rated debt. So, there’s a teach ruin coming on those shares in the one’s industries in keeping with those dynamics.

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