Doing enterprise in India become ‘tough’ Mike Pompeo on his Bengaluru days

by Marie Rodriguez

WASHINGTON: Ahead of his go-to to India, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has discovered that he had a “hard” time as a businessman in Chennai and Bengaluru while seeking to promote the system parts for the aerospace industry inside the usa.

Doing enterprise in India become 'tough' Mike Pompeo on his Bengaluru days 3

Pompeo said this at some stage in his address to a Washington audience that protected Google’s Indian-American CEO Sundar Pichai and top corporate executives from India and the USA at the India Ideas Summit on Wednesday.

Pompeo will travel to India, Sri Lanka, Japan, and South Korea from June 24 to 30.

Responding to a question, Pompeo said that as a businessman, before he ran for Congress, he had spent a while in Chennai and Bangalore looking to promote products to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), India’s leading public sector aerospace and defense agency.

“I failed to inform the story – I did business in India when I – earlier than I lost my thoughts and ran for Congress, I ran a small enterprise that made gadget elements for the aerospace industry.

“And I spent a truthful quantity of time in Bangalore and Chennai operating with HAL – with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited – to sell products we – a small joint assignment,” the fifty five-12 months-old Secretary of State said at the occasion hosted through America-India Business Council.

“I’ll let you know what. It was difficult,” Pompeo told the audience.

Before becoming a trump administration member, Pompeo served his fourth term as congressman from Kansas’ 4th District. Before his provider in Congress, Pompeo-based Thayer Aerospace, in which he served as CEO for more than a decade. He later became President of Sentry International, an oilfield system manufacturing, distribution, and provider organization, in line with his profile at the internet site of the USA Department of State.

“India turned into still beginning up; it changed into nonetheless figuring its way via, but there has been an actual price proposition there, and we did properly,” he stated, recollecting his revel in India as a businessman.

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