DJ Khaled Reportedly Denied No. 1 Album Because of Energy Drinks

by Marie Rodriguez

DJ Khaled’s new album Father of Asaad debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Two Hundred Albums chart. The album offered 136,000 equal devices, falling short of Tyler, the Creator’s IGOR, which took the pinnacle after promoting a hundred sixty-five 000 comparable devices. According to a new document from The New York Times, the Father of Asaad and IGOR acquired “a nearly equal wide variety of streams,” however, DJ Khaled’s album fell far behind Tyler’s in the long run due to invalid product bundles.

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Merchandise bundles have been beneficial in rocketing albums to the top of the Billboard 2 hundred. According to The Times, every album sold (even if blanketed with other merchandise) is worth about one hundred more than a man or woman flow. For example, Tyler’s IGOR becomes boosted by bundled sales of clothing, buttons, and “VOTE IGOR” lawn symptoms. Billboard considered Tyler’s merch bundles valid. One of DJ Khaled’s partnerships was with Shop.Com, which included downloads of the Father of Asaad with the income from electricity beverages.

According to The Times, Billboard disqualified most of Khaled’s bundled income because Shop.Com and its discern agency, Market America, promoted bulk sales. The Times additionally pointed to a selected blog submission in which human beings are endorsed to shop for a dozen electricity beverages to “push DJ Khaled and Market America to No. 1! Deanna Brown, president of the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group, told The Times, “In this specific instance, we noticed an enterprise encouraging purchases amongst their members using promising them fabric and organizational benefits.

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