Can essay writing agencies live on a government crackdown to ‘beat the cheats’?

by Marie Rodriguez

New government measures should spell the stop for essay writing groups, but Nottingham-based full-service UK Essays is eager to pressure the blessings they convey to college students. Essay writing groups provide a “precious and valid service” for students, says one of the UK’s largest companies within the quarter as the government begins a clampdown on the practice. Daniel Dennehy, leader and operating officer of All Answers.

Can essay writing agencies live on a government crackdown to ‘beat the cheats’? 3

The figure organization of UK Essays claimed his provider became “active in retaining educational integrity, instructing our clients about plagiarism and combatting the issue of cheating”. Yesterday, the UK’s Department for Education announced new measures proceeding to “beat the cheats” and bring a quit to organizations that provide to put in writing “version answer” essays and dissertations for college kids in trade for cash. Education Secretary Damien Hinds advised online price services, including PayPal, to “stop selling and facilitating access” to those companies.


Google and YouTube have also answered by casting off “loads” of advertisements for these websites from their systems.

Essay writing corporation response to UK authorities clampdown

Mr. Dennehy is eager to distinguish between his Nottingham-based essay writing service and different organizations that sell dishonesty. He said: “Ethically, we do a whole lot of policing internally, running with our customers and students, to ensure that the work that we provide is used correctly. I recognize where Mr. Hinds is coming from; however, good businesses are accessible and can strive to acquire academic integrity.

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