Audio Technica M50xBT Review: If You Are Serious About Music, These Headphones Cannot be Missed

by Marie Rodriguez

Wires, cables and cords, whatever you would like to name them, are a no-go. Wireless is the manner forward, be it for headphones, or earphones, huge headphones included. There is always the lingering feeling that audio doesn’t sound as correct over a Bluetooth connection because it does whilst a bodily cable is hooked up. However, it was handiest going to take the boffins in test labs to conquer this limitation. The Audio Technica M50xBT comes four years after the Audio Technica M50x, with Bluetooth connectivity. The Japanese employer has retained pretty plenty the equal terrific audio hardware, which means the M50x could actually be a scouse borrow at the fee tag of Rs 9,499 (headphones one.In) at the gift and you may choose the M50xBT for around Rs 18,000 relying on the deal you get.

If we are to preserve the Audio Technica M50xBT and the M50x aspect by way of facet, you’ll be tough-pressed to inform us that’s which. That is due to the fact the substances, the design language, and the chassis have all been retained. The handiest manner you may inform the distinction is in case you peek a look at the left earcup, which hosts the strength key. Speaking of which, that is without a doubt a slider and is positioned forward at the out of doors of the earcup, which makes it pretty cumbersome to perform. Chances are, you may either slide this to exchange on the strength earlier than sporting the headphones and slide this to turn off the electricity after taking the Audio Technica M50xBT off your head. That gripe aside, the layout of the M50xBT has a certain personality of seriousness to it. The first-class of plastics is good, the earcups and the headscarf are properly padded and yet this headphone doesn’t feel uncomfortable or heavy.

There is not any lively noise cancellation within the Audio Technica M50xBT, but with the proper suit, this may block out a great quantity of ambient noise too. On the left earcup is the contact touchy location that helps you to get admission to Google Assistant or Siri, relying on whether you are the use of this with an Android device or an iPhone or iPad.

Setting this up takes more than one seconds if you are pairing this with Bluetooth. We tried this with an iPad, a Microsoft Surface Go and a Huawei P30 Pro, and the experience of setting this up became seamless throughout systems. There is the Audio-Technica Connect app (loose for Android and iOS) which you could download to in addition tweak some functionality of the Audio Technica M50xBT. It absolutely doesn’t get a great deal less complicated than this.

In every earcup are 45mm audio drivers, Neodymium magnets and frequency reaction with the 15Hz – 28,000Hz range. You can pair this thru Bluetooth with the source tune tool, or use a 3.5mm headphone cable to move thru the tried and tested stressed course.

Sound alternatives typically depend a lot on the track that you generally concentrate to. My desire might constantly be a headphone that gives easy listening and a sound signature that is balanced and relaxed. Usually, Bose and Sennheiser headphones tick off the maximum of these bins. It is consequently remarkable to document that the Audio Technica M50xBT can be safely brought to that list as nicely. You will in all likelihood right now observe how wealthy and colorful the sound truly is. The mids are thoroughly defined, that is possibly the biggest purpose why this sounds so true. Vocals are in no way too sharp or too subdued, and bass is never overpowering or subdued. Be it On My Way by way of Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko, Hello My Love by means of Westlife or Untethered Angel by means of Dream Theater, the Audio Technica M50xBT were given it just spot on with a selection of genres.

The soundstage is extensive, with very minute information getting reproduced which you may have overlooked at the identical tracks on other headphones. It takes some doing to deliver this type of best sound stability, and the Audio Technica M50xBT delivers on that with absolute ease. Be it for a whole lot of trance song tracks, songs which rely upon vocals or maybe a generous dose of the eighty’s classic rock, the power of sound is simply pretty amazing to revel in—nowhere does the Audio Technica M50xBT conflict or not in shape as much as the expectations from what is basically a huge headphone.

If you’re in the market for powerful headphones, however don’t need to splurge a whole lot of cash at the same time, this truely can be your calling. The Audio Technica M50xBT does not show off any of the compromises that you may ought to deal with in case you bear in mind buying its opponents—consisting of getting stuck with a bass-heavy sound or a sound signature that isn’t as colourful. The Audio Technica M50xBT just gets it spot on, with quite lots everything at the checklist.

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