Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Believes This Is the Best Way to Run Meetings

by Marie Rodriguez

Jeff Bezos likes to write. A lot. In his annual letter to shareholders, Bezos does more than provide an excellent view of Amazon’s overall performance; he allows shareholders to recognize what makes Amazon distinctive. Bezos usually does one other factor: He attaches a replica of the original annual shareholder letter he wrote in 1997 to reinforce his commitment that Amazon will often function with an attitude that it’s far nonetheless day one.

In a more celebrated current shareholder letter, Bezos demonstrated his knowledge of how to use language to enhance his ideas, teach others, and command a target audience. What’s unique about this letter, however, is that it expands on one of the techniques I have recognized as being the leading cause for the achievement of the employer—six-page narratives and the inner press release.

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Before shifting deeper into this newsletter, I want to make it clear that I am not suggesting that best six-page memos and press releases are the motives for Amazon’s fulfillment. They’re not. Amazon succeeds because it draws and hires the most succesful individuals from all around the international.

Amazon’s Secret Sauce
One of the matters I enjoyed maximum working at Amazon became attending conferences. Why? Because they had been the maximum green and exciting meetings I had ever attended for any business enterprise. Unlike maximum groups where humans come to meetings to study PowerPoint slides, Amazon doesn’t use PowerPoint. Ever. Instead, Amazon requires each person, irrespective of their identity, to start conferences using studying each word in six-web page memos. What makes the memos thrilling is that they’ve written on each aspect of the paper so, in essence, 12 pages are being read. Most of the six-web page memos I examine additionally contained an inner press launch at the start of the notice to provide an excessive-stage knowledge the of the products or services being proposed and discussed.

Although it can appear counterintuitive to agree with something as simple as an internal press release and a six-page memo can be considered number one the various keys to Amazon’s fulfillment, it’s genuine. Note: The press launch is for internal use most effective. Although written within the form of an actual press launch, it is not dispensed to the click for the guide.

Amazon is focused like a laser on customers. Instead of beginning with an idea for a product and seeking to convince executives that customers will “love the idea,” Amazon works from the perspective of the purchaser to give you ideas to generate a fee legitimately. For instance, Prime was created because it became understood within Amazon that customers wanted to buy satisfactory products for less money, and customers desired to obtain merchandise as fast as possible. Prime appeared to be a solution that could meet each client desires. An emotional press release became written focused around the present trouble (excessive charges, sluggish deliveries), why new answers had failed to correct the problem, and how the brand new product (Prime) could blow away all existing solutions. I have read the official press launch for Prime and Prime Now, and I can attest that the real packages accomplished the goals as outlined in every press release.

At a high-degree, the click release follows this outline:

Heading : Name the product in a way the reader (i.E., Your goal clients) will recognize.

Sub-Heading : Describe who the marketplace for the product is and what gain they get — one sentence simplest underneath the title.

Summary : Give an overview of the product and the gain. Assume the reader will now not study whatever else, so this paragraph is essential. Note: If you warfare writing the precise, step again and reevaluate the concept.

Problem : Describe the hassle your product solves. Be clear.

Solution :  Describe how your product solves the problem. Be enthusiastic!

Quote From You :  A quote from a spokesperson to your business enterprise. For example: “Amazon clients want equal-day deliveries. We created Prime and Prime Now to offer our customers with deliveries in as little as two hours,” said Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

How to Get Started : Describe how smooth it is for clients to get started the use of the carrier.

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