Why Diet Culture Is Toxic — Even for People Who Don’t Diet

by Marie Rodriguez

There is possibly no female in modern-day subculture more simultaneously celebrated and reviled than the woman who eats whatever she wishes and doesn’t gain weight.

We all claim to realize someone like this. We look at her and mutter, “I don’t understand where she puts it!” She is regularly derided or ostracized. But we nevertheless want to recognize: How is she doing that? What’s her mystery?

Why Diet Culture Is Toxic — Even for People Who Don’t Diet 3The first time I encountered this phenomenon, I turned 11 or 12, sharing a plate of chili cheese fries with a chum from Dance Elegance at a neighborhood diner. I noticed one of the older girls prominent down the desk at us, and when I caught her eye, she said, “If I ate that, my ass would be the length of Jupiter.”

I appeared back at my friend, who became more extensive than I became but now not through a good deal, and watched her position down her fork.

My whole lifestyle, different ladies were asking me for my secret to getting/staying so skinny. I commonly brush it off with a shaggy dog story, approximately promoting my soul to Satan. But the truth is I have nothing akin to a secret, aside from the fact that my mother is thin, her mom changed into skinny, and so forth.

Socioeconomic factors apart, genetic versions in metabolism, resting heart charge, a “hunger hormone” called leptin, and some of the different elements contribute to someone’s capacity to lose or put on weight effortlessly. Natural thinness, it seems, is simply the good fortune of the draw.

As certified mental fitness counselor Molly Bahr explains, “Just as some people are brief, others are tall, some have smaller bodies, and others have larger ones. Genetics and social determinants of health play a much bigger role in frame size and fitness.”

Until now, I had no concept or challenging about the implications of being naturally thin. When society points to you as the gold standard for how a girl appears and behaves, you have a tendency no longer to question it.

But I’ve on account that started to surprise how we all swallowed this narrative. And more importantly, why have we accepted it even as ignoring the different prominent facets of the coin? If there exists a small woman who doesn’t gain or shed pounds “irrespective of what,” it stands to purpose that there are large ladies who don’t, either.

And even as skinny women may additionally listen to our proportion of harsh feedback about our size, humans with larger bodies bear the brunt of society’s length bias.

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