What Australia can teach America about fitness care

by Marie Rodriguez

When I look at the Australian fitness care system, I see something unusual: a hybrid of where the USA is now and where Bernie Sanders desires to take us. The Australians have a conventional coverage scheme that leans more heavily on private coverage than the maximum of the other systems we discuss. HOWEVER, U. S . A. Affords a base of public insurance to all citizens. However, it encourages them to take out private plans to complement their authorities-run coverage.

What Australia can teach America about fitness care 3

The Australian healthcare system typically receives quite precise marks! You can see that within the latest Commonwealth Fund rankings of international healthcare structures. Australia came in second out of the 11 countries blanketed. (The United States, unsurprisingly, came in closing.)

In Australia, all residents get coverage from a public health insurance plan covering medical institutions, doctors, visits, and prescription drugs. The price of accessing the health care device with general insurance is low: There are no copayments or deductibles for publicly financed health facility visits.

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