Guilt-unfastened dessert for the vacation weekend

by Marie Rodriguez

Life is short. What that means in my ebook is there’s absolutely room for dessert and wine.

The problem is if we stretch the “life is short” philosophy to some distance, then we risk existence getting infinitely shorter.

I don’t recognize approximately you, however, I haven’t any choice to limp over the finish line, dragging an oxygen tank in the back of me. I could as an alternative die at ninety having fallen off the pinnacle of a mountain taking a wild journey selfie to ship to my grandkids. To have a life nicely lived, it facilitates to live a proper existence. So how do we discover the balance?

When it comes to dessert, right here are a few hints. Desserts, being candy in general, fall into the carb category. So, if you are having it, pass the carbs together with your main meal. Try no longer to have a plate of pasta or a facet of carrots or potatoes. Choosing something like local fish with heaps of green greens might be ideal. That manner, the dessert can be the carb part of your meal — albeit a large one (so don’t do this each day).

Next, it allows picking a dessert that includes fat or protein. These generally tend to sluggish down sugar launch so that you have a better chance of stopping your blood sugar from spiking. And the huge, large rule that you ought to no longer keep away from — constantly pick real meal alternatives.

Slushies and rainbow ice lotions are not desserts, they simply contain a pile of chemicals that won’t nourish you in any manner by any means.

Instead, pick some thing that has some selling points. For example, sorbet with berries will come up with a great dose of antioxidants. It is also a bit boring even though, yes? So allow me to liven that up.

If I said I ought to provide you with a dessert recipe that became brimming with desirable fat, had outstanding zing and came without the facet of now not-well worth-the-calories remorse, what might you assert? If it’s far a HELL YES! Then that is genuinely the one for you.

Sometimes a dessert comes alongside that completely knocks your socks off and this is certainly one of them. Over the years, I even have given you lots of recipes but there are a few key ones that people point out again and again: Nutrifit banana bread, Holy Crap cookies, Mexican quinoa, coconut caramel electricity bites, the inexperienced smoothie, and the Moroccan salad …. I’ll pop those up on Facebook over the weekend in case you ignored them. But we have a brand new one for the collection now — and you HAVE to make it, it is so right!

I might be honest, this one is not absolutely mine. The idea for my Key Lime Pie came from Deliciously Ella and Sarah Britton’s weblog, My New Roots. I just fiddled with their recipes — specifically to lead them to work with what I had in the residence, however additionally due to the fact I honestly love a lime zing (which I amplified a little). I have used a walnut crust too, which I love, but almonds or pecans could be suitable as nicely.

I have given you this recipe earlier than but I have been requested for it again and again lately.

We are pretty much to begin a -week detox that is going proper over the holiday weekend — I have given it to all our individuals as a recipe they could revel in totally guilt-unfastened. Give it an attempt too and let me recognize your mind. I promise you will find it irresistible!

Key lime pie

Makes one huge pie (10-12 inch pan) or 14 man or woman pies in a muffin pan



2¾ cups walnuts (pecans might work properly too)

25 Medjool dates pitted

2 tbs greater virgin coconut oil


four big, ripe avocados

¾ cup full-fat coconut milk, refrigerated (the strong component!)

4-five huge juicy limes, juiced (and some zest)

1 cup maple syrup

Optional: you can use tiny Key limes (Miles) for the zest, which is more aromatic.


1, Place your can of coconut milk inside the refrigerator for some hours before use so that the contents separate and harden. You need to use the element at the pinnacle of the can to be able to be tough and white!

2, Put all of the base components in a food processor and manner till they shape a ball of dough across the blade. It would possibly take a little at the same time as!

3, Press the base into your pan — both in a single layer on the massive pan or into the muffin molds. If the usage of the muffin pan, press the bottom into the lowest and up the perimeters too so that it bureaucracy a cup for the filling (it is simpler to get them out of the pan this way). Try now not to make the cup too thick. Pop those inside the freezer to harden.

Four, Wash your processor after which combine all the filling components. Remove any brown bits from the avocados to keep the color of the filling! Start with 4 juicy limes and then taste. You would possibly need to add the 5th if you want it cleaned.

5, Add the filling to the base. Top with grated zest and pa inside the freezer. Once hardened you can cover with foil in case you want to. Freeze for an hour earlier than serving. You can also preserve this inside the freezer for a while (cover to save you freezer burn) after which defrost a touch earlier than serving.

6, If the usage of the muffin pan, run a knife around the threshold of the pies to assist lift them out.

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