Fast style is on the rampage, with the UK at the pinnacle of the price

by Marie Rodriguez

Fast fashion – the rapid system of trend-pushed, low-cost clothing manufacture liked by UK clients – is on the rampage. We crossed a worrying line in 2014, scaling up garment manufacturing to 100bn portions of new apparel a year. These are garments, made from virgin assets, more and more plastic, driven out into the world with the bit of notion of where they may end up. Without rapid reform, the style industry – fast fashion is the dominant participant – might be answerable for a quarter of the Earth’s carbon price range through 2050.

This danger to the planet has, not exceptionally, attracted the eye of climate protesters. Extinction Rebellion picketed London style week for the first time in February. The UK’s contribution is widespread. Not only did we invent the fast style, however, but our fashion clients are also most of the maximum voracious inside the global. One in three younger girls, the most significant phase of consumers, remember clothes worn once or twice to be vintage. UK clients despatched 300,000 tonnes of textiles to be burned or dumped in a landfill in 2018.

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