by Marie Rodriguez

Growing up in Appomattox, Leigh-Ann Webb dreamed of attending the University of Virginia.

Suffice to mention, the dream has come genuine – and then some by a couple of 3, to be genuine.

This week, the emergency offerings doctor within the UVA Health System and assistant professor of emergency medication inside the School of Medicine (who additionally holds a twin appointment inside the Department of Public Health Sciences) will earn a govt MBA from the Darden School of Business and turn out to be a “Triple Hoo,” a term reserved for 3-time graduates. When they were first-year undergraduate college students at UVA, Webb met her husband, Cameron. The latter formerly earned a diploma in kinesiology from UVA’s Curry School of Education and Human Development in 2005 before graduating from the UVA School of Medicine in 2009. The cherry on the pinnacle: Due to her path of two, she has released an employer that aims to aim an affected person’s time in a sanatorium.

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“It’s been a terrific, thrilling experience,” Webb said.

The feeling has been mutual.

Webb is the epitome of what Darden seeks in its govt software college students, consistent with Assistant Dean Barbara Millar. “Leigh completed the achievement in the software, even as also serving as an emergency room doctor and raising a circle of relatives,” Millar stated. “If that doesn’t reflect a pressure and commitment to continuous learning and expert improvement, I don’t recognize what does.” During scientific faculty, Webb thought she would pass into anesthesiology. However, a final clinic rotation for her fourth year of medical faculty – she signed up for nearly on a whim – changed the whole lot. Needing to fill out her timetable, Webb did a two-week rotation in emergency medicine. The daughter of a pastor and live-at-home mom, she knew right away she had determined her calling.

Webb especially favored that she can be the primary individual to assess a patient.

“It becomes the front door to the clinic, and you could evaluate and treat anyone, no matter their ability to pay,” she said. “I cherished the manner I may want to order a take a look at, and it would come returned the identical day.” Webb went on to do her residency in emergency medicine at the University of Chicago. She ultimately labored at North Carolina, New York City, and Baltimore hospitals before returning to UVA in 2017 with Cameron.

UVA assistant professor of medication within the Division of General, Geriatric, Palliative, and Hospital Medicine (and the featured speaker for Saturday’s Final Exercises rite). In the nine years Webb has labored in health care, she’s noticed its landscape converting, with enterprise playing a higher essential position than ever. Emergency departments have become overcrowded, and many patients lack the resources they need.

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