by Marie Rodriguez

Growing up in Appomattox, Leigh-Ann Webb dreamed of attending the University of Virginia.

Suffice to mention, the dream has come genuine – and then some by a couple of 3, to be genuine.

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This week, the emergency offerings doctor within the UVA Health System and assistant professor of emergency medication inside the School of Medicine (who additionally holds a twin appointment inside the Department of Public Health Sciences) will earn an govt MBA from the Darden School of Business and turn out to be a “Triple Hoo,” a term reserved for 3-time graduates.

Webb – who met her husband, Cameron, when they have been first-year undergraduate college students at UVA – formerly earned a diploma in kinesiology from UVA’s Curry School of Education and Human Development in 2005 before graduating from the UVA School of Medicine in 2009.

The cherry on pinnacle: As a result of a Darden path she took, the mom of two has released an employer that objectives to enhance an affected person’s time in a sanatorium.

“It’s been a terrific, thrilling experience,” Webb said.

The feeling has been mutual.

Webb is the epitome of what Darden seeks in its govt software college students, consistent with assistant dean Barbara Millar.

“Leigh completed the achievement in the software, even as also serving as an emergency room doctor and raising a circle of relatives,” Millar stated. “If that doesn’t reflect a pressure and commitment to continuous learning and expert improvement, I don’t recognise what does.”

During scientific faculty, Webb thought she would pass into anesthesiology. However, a final clinic rotation for the duration of her fourth yr of medical faculty – that she signed up for nearly on a whim – changed the whole lot.

Needing to fill out her time table, Webb did a two-week rotation in emergency medicine. The daughter of a pastor and live-at-home mom, she knew right away she had determined her calling.

Webb especially favoured the fact she can be the primary individual to assess a patient.

“It becomes the front door to the clinic, and you could evaluate and treat anyone, no matter their ability to pay,” she said. “I cherished the manner I may want to order a take a look at, and it would come returned the identical day.”

Webb went on to do her residency in emergency medicine at the University of Chicago. She ultimately laboured at hospitals in North Carolina, New York City and Baltimore earlier than coming back to UVA in 2017 with Cameron, a UVA assistant professor of medication within the Division of General, Geriatric, Palliative and Hospital Medicine (and the featured speaker for Saturday’s Final Exercises rite).

In the nine years, Webb has laboured in health care; she’s noticed its landscape converting, with enterprise playing a higher essential position than ever. Emergency departments have become overcrowded, and many patients don’t have the resources that they need.

Webb felt she needed to expand her skill set.

“I desired to peer if there has been something else I could do to make contributions to fitness care beyond the scientific component,” Webb stated. “I still loved looking after sufferers, however, turned into similar to, ‘There’s something more to this.’”

Enter Darden.

Enrolled in Darden’s 21-month-lengthy Global Executive MBA program, Webb has taken element in residencies around the arena, for the duration of which students study middle curriculum cloth at the same time as an assembly with business leaders, touring factories and vegetation, networking with Darden alumni, taking part in speaker occasions and visiting cultural sights.

“I chose Darden due to the fact I wanted to have a broader view of the world,” stated Webb, who visited China, South Africa, Europe and India. “I felt like I turned into the medical bubble for a long time, starting from after I become an undergraduate pupil via scientific education and the practice of medicine. I married someone inside the fitness career, and many of our pals are in remedy as nicely.

“So I wanted that multi-disciplinary professional interplay.”

Webb started running with classmates – all experts from different fields – turned into one of the most valuable parts of the enjoy.

“Everyone got here in with their expertise,” she said. “Whether they were seeking to climb the ladder or pivot into something else, it becomes excellent working with them – going through the case technique and merely soaking up and getting to know from other people who suppose so in another way from every other, due to the fact absolutely everyone is from unique spaces.

“For me, that became the advantage honestly over a fitness care MBA solely for physicians.”

Toward the cease of her time at Darden, Webb took an entrepreneurial course wherein her class task, born from a concept she and her husband idea of during a current avenue experience, brought about her beginning “The Get-Well Company.”

“The question we requested ourselves is how we would use empathy and innovation to revolutionise patient revel in, at the same time as they’re within the clinic coping with all of the lifestyle disruptions that come along with that,” Webb stated.

Webb’s answer is a virtual platform that serves as a gifting provider – nonetheless within the very early stages of improvement (she’s now not making plans on giving up her day process just yet) – which can link patients and their caregivers to complete lot-needed services. Their village will be capable of using social payments to chip in for presents that mitigate the disruption of being admitted to the clinic – from consolation objects to upgraded toiletries to concierge services consisting of errand jogging and residence cleaning.

“I envision humans the use of it with buddies and family to offer sensible, doctor-curated gifts when anyone they know is admitted within the health facility,” Webb said.

Webb, who has committed many nights and weekends to the venture, all even as persevering with her scientific paintings and raising two young children, laughed while asked if she would be going again to UVA in the future for some other diploma that might make her a “quadruple Hoo.”

“This,” she said, smiling, “is my remaining one.”

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