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by Marie Rodriguez

When the Lakers were officially eliminated from the playoffs weeks in the past, it introduced to the vanguard the concept that at the same time as LeBron James is still the face of the NBA, that won’t be the case forever. Why it topics: LeBron’s absence is one of many “changing of the protection” storylines heading into the 2018-19 NBA playoffs, making the following months interesting and consequential.

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The subsequent face: During All-Star weekend, LeBron told Giannis Antetokounmpo, “I love the entirety about you, man.” Most players and fans might consider that sentiment. After all, this is an MVP frontrunner who’s gasp! — humble. If he can lead the Bucks to the finals, no one could have a stronger claim to the “future face of the league” crown. The end of the Dubs dynasty? Kevin Durant predicted that leaving the free corporation could be the closing hurrah for one of the most talented rosters assembled. But what if they three-peat? No superstar participant has ever gone at once after winning a ring, not to mention 3. The upward push of a brand new dynasty? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a 2D-location group get much less love than the Nuggets. Yes, I keep in mind that they are, in all likelihood, a year or a half away, but they should be taken more severely. The same goes for Philly and Boston, who are being classified.

Threats” once they should be categorized as “contenders.” A precursor to the loose employer: It’s no mystery that the Celtics want to recruit Anthony Davis to play with Kyrie Irving. It’s no mystery that Kyrie should go away for the Knicks. How Boston performs in the playoffs may want to dictate the futures of two iconic franchises. The same goes for Toronto, who would love to move on a run that convinces Kawhi Leonard to stay.

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