As ‘Game of Thrones’ Returns

by Marie Rodriguez

On Sunday, Game of Thrones returns for its eighth and last season on HBO, and millions of viewers will hang on to every new plot twist after a 12-month drought. And those gripping tales will be served and moved ahead over again via the display’s award-prevailing soundtrack.

As 'Game of Thrones' Returns 3

Music has its very own function, each in its omnipresent heritage and the motion of the scenes. It’s interesting to note that the arena is proven in Thrones — Westeros, Essos, etc. — has theoretically been stuck in a few models of the European Middle Ages for more or less 1,000 years, depending on how you examine cultures and parse the canon timeline. (Superfans will quibble in this like angels conflict-dancing on the head of a pin.) Any track that the characters understand is folk music and spiritual hymns, the way that might have been not unusual many centuries in the past in our international. No Westerosi has ever heard an unwell beat, an electric-powered guitar, or a piano (or ever tasted chocolate, for that be counted). Heck, they haven’t even gotten around to inventing the harpsichord yet.

Take a moment and think about how that could tell your internal soundtrack if you lived in that world, taking a step lower back to examine the music within the show. From track-global celeb cameos to casting might-been, here are a few key places where the worlds of music and Westeros crossed.

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