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by Marie Rodriguez

Every BA staffer has a recipe they may be most associated with. Alex Delany loves these sambal skewers. Emily Schultz makes Healthyish’s yogurt flatbread on the reg. When I consider Christina Chaney, I think of this steamed fish. Carey Polis loves this sausage, veggies, and bean pasta. Me? It is, sincerely, this clean cod recipe: Slow-Cooked White Fish with Charred Cabbage. Oh, you added on your cod thing,” is a comment I get from nosy coworkers at least once a week as I sit down with my lunch. I made this recipe at the beginning using Andy Baraghani for Healthyish’s Feel Good Food Plan approximately that regularly. But that’s because this recipe is highly adaptable, tremendous, simple (simplest seven elements!), and precisely what I crave on a Monday after I spent the weekend consuming regardless of the contrary of “Feel Good Food.

Weekly column where we wax poetic about 3

First, there’s the “gradual-cooked” cod. I used citation marks there because I don’t want to lose you with that term. When it involves a firm, white fish-like cod, slow-cooked truly means 15 minutes in the oven. Easy! Rub the filet with olive oil, zest some grapefruit on a pinnacle, season with salt, then throw it inside the range. The stop result is a perfectly flaky, bright-tasting piece of fish. Next, the charred cabbage. Which is 100 percent my favorite way to cook dinner cabbage? You tear about 1 / 4 ahead of the inexperienced stuff (I’ve tried using crimson here; it’s no longer as correct) into pieces and cook dinner in a pan over medium-high warmth. Do! Not! Move!

Them! The intention here is to get the proper color on every ripped piece. Stir for a 2nd season, after which let them sit down a little longer. Et voilà: tremendous flavorful, sorta-smoky cabbage that most effectively took five minutes to make. Add it to your plate. Top with some grapefruit rounds. Add the flaked cod. Drizzle the entirety with olive oil. Crack lots of clean pepper. And that’s it! Extreme infomercial voice: But wait! There’s more excellent!

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