by Marie Rodriguez

YOU KNOW THAT brutal final climb in spin magnificence, the only one that appears just now not to cease? Don’t beat yourself up over loosening the resistance dial. And the deliberate six-mile run that ended after four and alternate? Not your fault. Your terrible overall performance can be blamed on your underpowered garments. Your tights, your shirts, your sports bras: all pathetic slackers!

THE TECH INDUSTRY'S LATEST FITNESS CRAZE: RECOVERY 3This implies Under Armour’s new line of workout gear, as a minimum. UA Rush clothing is infused with a fiber that purportedly reflects your frame warmth to you, penetrating your pores and skin to boom “tissue oxygenation”—and an idea, your stamina. It’s a tall declaration, virtually, but now not within the hyper-jargonized global of fitness tech, in which optimization subjects as a great deal as perspiration and mere mortals approach education like elite athletes.

Exercise technological know-how has been around for 75 years. Recently, but ever-­shrinking sensor technology has let us faucet into oceans of facts about ourselves. A brand new device has emerged to capture every drop in that ocean, each resting coronary heart rate and functional electricity threshold. Fitness tech has entered a new section for the hobby, education, and healing.

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