The Hustle: Hunter McGrady on Her Fitness Routine

by Marie Rodriguez

Athleticism comes in many forms, from global-dominating gymnasts to fitness experts with disabilities. This is not a one-size-fits-all sport, and we are here to honor that. Check out The Hustle, a column that breaks down the fitness exercises of celebs and influencers, from what time of day they like to training sessions to what song on their playlist most motivates them. Here, model Hunter McGrady offers us a peek at the interior of what goes into her hustle.

Teen Vogue: What’s your exercise philosophy? What keeps you going?

The Hustle: Hunter McGrady on Her Fitness Routine 3

Hunter McGrady: I have battled with depression and anxiety for so many years, which is one of the motives I partnered with The Jed Foundation because they increase consciousness. What I located became working out was a big believer of that [depression and anxiety]. More than physical health, running out for me is for intellectual fitness.

TV: What form of workout routines do you like?

HM: When I run, my thoughts can clear. I love doing yoga, and my new all-time fave is Soul Cycle. It’s first-rate for me to get out of my head and paint myself to this intention. They want to push you [at Soul Cycle]…And it is undoubtedly profitable, and all of them even as great for my bodily health as properly.

TV: When do you work out? Is it a morning component? A night factor?

HM: Because of my job, I’m constantly traveling. I even have an unfastened hour whenever I can get [a workout] in. I try and do whatever: at home, on a plane. I consider meditating my very own little workout. Many people focus on physical activity, but I take time to meditate and exercise my mind. It just takes time for me to find that peace. I wish I had a more set schedule.

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