Affordable Outdoor Activities You Can Try During the Pandemic

by Marie Rodriguez

The pandemic has turned the way the world works upside down. We have already seen the glimmer of light in what used to be a dark tunnel. Now that vaccines have been developed, but the distribution moves slowly, and we still cannot go back to normal, people are starting to have pandemic fatigue. Hence, we must find ways to enjoy our time outdoors while adhering to the imposed safety protocols.


Low-cost Outdoor Activities You Can Do amid the Pandemic

1. Bicycling

Several countries, such as Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, and others, have embraced the cycling culture even before the pandemic. However, since the constant threat of COVID-19 spreading among commuters remains, the demand for bicycles has increased significantly.

Aside from being a means of transportation, you can also visit different places within your locality with just two wheels. You might discover the hidden gems in your local area. Staying at home for two consecutive years with no definite end date can make you feel stuck.

Hence, freely transporting to establishments and other places to connect with nature will always be a good idea. Besides that, it is also a good form of exercise, and you only need a bike, helmet, and other protective gear, and you’re good to go.

2. Camping

Since the pandemic hit, many bookings have been canceled, including flights and hotel reservations. While most people cannot get their desired air view from their reserved window seat, more and more people enjoy the view from the riverside and other camping sites. Yep, camping is on the rise.

While some states have restricted some areas for camping, you have to research which sites are the most convenient to you, the requirements they need for you to set camp, and complete your camping paraphernalia. You can also develop some survival skills as you spend time in the middle of the forest.

3. Do yoga

Why? Have you always thought of yoga as an indoor activity? You can also do it outside. You can get the most out of yoga while you spend time outdoors since you can bathe with sunshine for your vitamin D activation, be more present at the moment, and connect with nature. Yoga is about balance, harmony, and peace. Imagine doing it amid the greenery, inhaling cool and fresh air, with the rivers’ water flowing in the background.

4. Earthing

According to research that involves 60 subjects with self-described sleep disturbances and chronic muscle and joint pain, earthing is beneficial. It was a month-long study wherein the researchers grouped the participants into two. The first or controlled group slept on carbon fiber mattress pads connected to a dedicated Earth ground outside each participant’s bedroom window. In contrast, the uncontrolled second was not connected to the earth.

The first group has reported improved quality of sleep, chronic pain, and well-being. The cortisol levels of the controlled group have normalized throughout a six-week grounding. They have also reduced morning fatigue, increased daytime energy, and depleted nighttime pain.

It’s incredible how simply walking on the earth barefoot or connecting to grounded conductive systems can deliver an effective strategy to combat sleep deprivation, stress, and pain. Earthing can be the most straightforward and cheapest, but it brings significant health results. Just remove your shoes and start connecting with the earth.

5. Fishing

Do you want an outdoor activity to improve your patience and provide food for the day? Why not try fishing? You can go on solo freshwater trips or chartered salmon fishing tours.

Since this can be an individual activity, the last thing you would think about is contracting the coronavirus. Not catching a fish might be frustrating, so it is better to learn first. If this is your first time fishing, you might also want to seek the help of experienced guides until you can catch a fish alone.

If you adopt this as a hobby, being an angler can boost your self-esteem and give your heart, arms, and lungs a good workout. Like yoga, it will help you find peace and unplug from the world.

The pandemic has been dragging on for over two years, affecting our health and relationships. We need to be safe and prudent in our spending, but we must also care for our overall welfare. While the government advises us to stay home as much as possible, we can still create meaningful memories with our loved ones or ourselves. Of course, while following the health and safety protocols.

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