The Rise of the Snowplow Sports Parents

by Marie Rodriguez

Arriving at his draft-night-time birthday celebration, Dwayne Haskins Jr. Steps out of a gray van with a big emblem affixed to its face: a black circle with two white H’s that connect in the middle. The Ohio State quarterback goes beyond fanatics and media down a crimson carpet, revealed with the same emblem, and walks beneath a banner showing the 2 H’s. The symbol is anywhere and—to the uninitiated—may be more than a piece perplexing: There is, in the end, the best one, Dwayne Haskins, about to be drafted. So why two H’s?

The Rise of the Snowplow Sports Parents 3

As Haskins Jr. Wades through 300 of his closest pals and paying clients within the Bowlmor Lanes in Gaithersburg, Md.—$forty covered bowling, food, and drink—the character responsible for that 2d h stay connected to his hip. It is his dad. Dwayne Haskins Sr. Has meticulously planned the draft-night time occasion not simply to launch his son’s profession but additionally to release their new family enterprise: Haskins & Haskins Group,

LLC, an enjoyment, branding, and occasion enterprise, registered quickly after Junior declared for the NFL draft in January. He has the 2-H brand tattooed at the inner of his wrist, as does Dwayne Jr.’s mom, Tamara, and 18-12 months-vintage sister, Tamia, an aspiring actor. (The QB plans on getting it later.) The 2d h technically refers to Tamia, in keeping with Dwayne Sr.; however, there’s little doubt who the driving pressure behind the business enterprise is.

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