Students unsure of Career Services’ role

by Marie Rodriguez

Students say getting a job is a top precedence after commencement. However, less than 8% made an appointment at Career Services ultimate year. According to a Spectrum survey, roughly fifty-two % of college students don’t even know UB has a professional workplace. Yet, UB spends $174,488 on the office’s budget yearly. The cash goes toward process fairs, convention trips, workshops, PC packages, and more.

Students unsure of Career Services' role 3

The Spectrum located 71% of 238 college students stated they have never used Career Services. The highest forty-five percent of students who said they used Career Services went to the office more than once. Director of Career Services Arlene Kaukus said Career Services’ position is to put together students to get jobs by assisting them with resumes and networking. It also allows getting them on-campus jobs. But it no longer interacts with tailor-made job searches or finds them specific assignments. Students are meant to apply the tools, career festivals, workshops, and apps like Bullseye to discover their own jobs.

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