Memoz Dessert Cafe Invites Customers to Customize Their Own Desserts. So We Went in to Make Portland’s Next Great Confection.

by Marie Rodriguez

Frozen yogurt became the begin of the “create your own dessert” trend, wherein clients ought to go into stores, dispense hefty servings of cold stuff into tubs and pinnacle it with any toppings they favored. Then the trend slowly diminished, as everybody realized they’d alternatively simply down a pint of ice cream rather.

So whilst Memoz Dessert Cafe opened earlier this year, promising customers the risk to construct their very own dessert, it turned into honest to be skeptical. But upon getting into the pink-accented, 28-seat cafe, it will become clear that is a miles unique revel in.

The brainchild of Seattle local Aaron Allina and his wife, Julie, Memoz doesn’t emit the homogenous ambiance of reputedly every other eatery promising a custom designed experience. Instead, the space has a captivating intimacy and, on our go to, changed into full of families eagerly indulging in chocolates or ready patiently for his or her creations over a sport of Uno.

The customizations begin by selecting from a diffusion of cookies or pastries, a lot of which can be gluten-unfastened or vegan and took best mins to bake. From there, two tablespoons’ well worth of mix-ins is brought from a listing of over 40 options that consist of mint chips, caramel bits, blue cheese, black pepper, and candy corn. Finally, you may end off your personalized concoction with Baked Alaska, ganache or flat icing at an extra charge.

It’s a laugh method. But getting it right takes a few experimenting. So we decided to whip up 3 strange mixtures, to peer if we may want to encounter Portland’s subsequent amazing dessert.

The first dessert commenced as a raw scoop of what turned into destined to end up a peanut butter oat cookie. It becomes ferried down the counter to the next segment of the operation, wherein mix-ins are selected. These protected M&M’s, Fruity Pebbles, smoked almonds and Hot Tamale candies which have been rolled into the dough, forming a colorful mass that made its way to the oven. After taking simplest mins to bake, ice cream became delivered to the toasted cookie and caramel drizzle made for the very last contact, if most effective because it got here at no in addition price.

The Fruity Pebbles had grown gentle and chewy inside the oven’s heat, and the M&Ms dissolved to form a sticky confection a few of the ice cream. The Hot Tamales, though a contentious choice in the second, complemented the sweet structure by including the slightest hint of spice to each chunk. Structurally, the smoked almonds gave the cookie a reassuring foundation that ensured it wouldn’t soften right into a soggy heap.

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