Jonathan Kauffman – Hippie Food

by Marie Rodriguez

Jonathan Kauffman’s “Hippie Food” introduces us to the individuals who changed what we consume. Prior to the Nineteen Sixties, our meals have been in a Cold War rut. The counterculture became us onto food that freed us from that lifestyle. The end result turned into the famous consumption of tofu, brown rice, yogurt and something referred to as granola. CapRadio’s Donna Apidone spoke with Kauffman about the political and nonsecular reasons these foods became mainstream.

Interview Highlights:
What inspired you to put in writing this records of “Hippie Food”?

It truly was my culinary autobiography. I changed into an eating place critic, and I liked to study eating places up and down the spectrum. I took some friends with me to a vegetarian eating place in Seattle. We sat down to this meal, and these meals turned into so acquainted to me, however, I hadn’t visible it for the long term. And I turned into like, “Oh my gosh. I love this.”

The transition to a cleaner way of farming and eating regarded to manifest spontaneously.

It became a grassroots movement. It changed into going on everywhere in the USA, all at equal time. And I knew the testimonies of the folks who had been inside the movement had been going to be exquisite.

I went to speak to the Lundberg Brothers, and I stated, “Do you realize whatever about macrobiotics? Because each time I think about macrobiotics, I think of brown rice.” They said, “Oh, properly, the entire purpose we transformed to organics changed into due to macrobiotics.” That began an entire yr-long studies mission of interviewing macrobiotics folks everywhere in u . S.

You call it “Hippie Food,” however you tell tales that predate the Sixties.

There were masses of yoga teachers in LA in the 1910s and ’20s. You have this long culture of opportunity for health seekers. The LA Times started up a column on alternative fitness in 1899, and it ran all of the ways via the Nineteen Forties.

To make one’s bread changed into a rite of passage from being a prisoner to being loose.

It’s approximately developing a new life and taking control of one’s existence. White bread has become a symbol for everything that turned into wrong with the food supply. Brown bread became the alternative. It tasted so extraordinary that even in case you didn’t love it you had been going to fight your manner closer to liking it.

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