Ghawar vs. Permian Basin: Is There Even a Comparison?

by Marie Rodriguez
Sometimes, while the dots are related, the traces are imaginary.

This can also remain genuine for those who compare the supergiant Ghawar oilfield in Saudi Arabia and a swath of land in Texas and New Mexico known as the Permian Basin.

Ghawar vs. Permian Basin: Is There Even a Comparison? 3

They’re each fruit. However, it’s apples and oranges,” stated Scott Tinker, the Bureau of Economic Geology director at the University of Texas at Austin, who delivered that trying to length up to the two as analogous oil generating structures “is stretching it pretty some distance. But the evaluation

has become a favorite topic this month after Saudi Aramco released an in-depth monetary prospectus ahead of its first-ever bond public sale that revealed a few previously private manufacturing figures. One of the most cited is that Ghawar’s most output is three. Eight million B/D. The wide variety has drawn interest because the primary legit update on the crown jewel’s state of decline is more significant than a decade. At the same time, output was pegged at around 5 million B/D.

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