Concentration Curl Is the Smartest Exercise We’ve Seen All Week

by Marie Rodriguez

The Rock’s palms are enormous, partly because he’s usually a massive dude. However, his biceps have boulder-like peaks due to all the intelligent work he puts in each time he hits the fitness center for an arm day consultation.

The actor, also known as Dwayne Johnson, published a video on Instagram of his cutting-edge bicep curl routine from his fitness center in Hawaii, in which he drips sweat and is visibly strained as he grunts via the reps.

Concentration Curl Is the Smartest Exercise We've Seen All Week 3
“Iron sharpens iron,” Johnson captioned the post. “Gettin’ killer workout routines in right here in Hawaii. I work worldwide; however, coming lower back domestically to sharpen the iron is continually excellent. Let the blood float.”

He’s operating via sets of concentration curls, a variation of the exercise that emphasizes biceps isolation. However, Johnson opts for an unethical-over stance rather than performing the pass seated on a bench with his working arm braced in opposition to his knee.

The bent-over role would serve some human beings better than seated—if you can manage the burden. Notice how Johnson’s operating arm does not swing and how he pauses for a full squeeze through the pinnacle of each rep. He’s probably concentrating on every agent for my part, using an internal cognizance to stimulate the muscle as much as possible.

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