Caffeine ought to enhance exercise performance

by Marie Rodriguez

Taking caffeine before exercise could improve overall performance through a vast range of workout tasks, in line with a new assessment of past research. In particular, caffeine could help speed, electricity, energy, and staying power.

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“Supplementation with caffeine is fairly usual amongst athletes, with one examination from 2011 indicating that around 75 percent of urine samples from athletes competing inside the Olympic Games comprise measurable degrees of caffeine,” stated lead author Jozo Grgic of Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2004, caffeine was removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s materials list and banned during competitions. “Since then, the caffeine intake among athletes has best expanded without signs and symptoms of slowing down,” Grgic advised Reuters Health by email.

Grgic and colleagues conducted an “umbrella evaluation,” – meaning they checked out the effects of advance reviews that analyzed a couple of research studies on caffeine and workout overall performance.

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