Around 10% of the schemes on Highways England’s original 2015-2020

by Marie Rodriguez

And around a 3rd were driven back into the second Road Investment Strategy (RIS) length, 2020-2025.

In the last 12 months of RIS 1, chief executive Jim O’Sullivan hailed Highways England’s achievements as an extensive even though perhaps now not a whole a fulfillment, as he mentioned the modern nation of the RIS.

Speaking at Traffex, he stated: ‘Of the original 112 schemes, 29 have already been finished, 15 are in production, 18 are anticipated to begin this year and 37 now begin in RIS 2. And eleven we revisited and the go back on funding just wasn’t proper enough.

‘And we’ve got paused the ones possibly for a destiny time while the traffic call for will cause them to greater feasible. This is being driven now not simply with the aid of our desire to have better roads but it has to be better for the stop the usage of groups and the environment.’

The ultimate two schemes can be accounted for by means of the reorganization of the scope of initiatives, Transport Network is familiar with.

The figures mark a boom in the range of schemes out on maintain.

In 2017, while Highways England first announced that it would be restructuring the RIS, it said six schemes have been being shelved to undergo in addition evaluation to cause them to meet advantage cost ratio (BCR) targets and two schemes set to move into RIS 2.

Highways England has a BCR threshold of one. Five. If a scheme falls below this level Mr. O’Sullivan must write to the government in order to the scheme being paused while the Government evaluates it. All six schemes that appear to have been shelved from the current RIS fell beneath this threshold.

In terms of extra minor schemes, Mr. O’Sullivan said forty five more minor schemes as part of the authentic pinch point programme and that they have eliminated 54 of the worst congestion and safety hotspots.

‘They are disposing of 134 million hours of put off every 12 months.’

Mr. O’Sullivan also celebrated the discount in ‘injuries for our site visitors officers through the issue of three and injuries to our street people by approximately 30%’. In 2015 Highways England was launched thru combining the Highways Agency – the strategic street network mission transport arm of the DfT – with the site visitors officers service.

Looking returned at the attitude he had at the start, Mr. O’Sullivan stated: ‘My achievement target at that point changed into that within three or four years it’d be taken for granted that we would communicate with authority approximately what should be in the RIS 2 and how challenging it has to be.

‘By the consequences as we degree them nowadays our aims appear modest on the time. We are [now] considering the future of roads and the destiny of era in roads. We are speakme approximately the modifications coming over the following 15 years and past. We also are seen to have protection, customer support and shipping deep in our DNA. We have established popularity for listening.

‘To stakeholders we are seen as custodian of us of an’s roads and it is super to peer the trickle out idea that if it’s far running for Highways England we have to do it for main local roads and undoubtedly the Governments Major Roads Fund has been inspired by means of Highways England creating a fist of the venture they have been given.’

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